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Ajwan Tower Saadiyat Island
Ajwan Tower Saadiyat Island

Experience the Essence of Luxury Living at Saadiyat

Modern & Premium Apartments

Your beginning of a luxury life style

Immerse yourself in opulent living at our chic and refined apartments, located at the latest prestigious destination in Saadiyat. Encounter a blend of sophistication and coziness in each thoughtfully crafted living space. Easy Access to Key Attractions, Mixed Use Community, 10 Floors, 115 Apartments, 121 Parking

Ajwan Tower Saadiyat Island

A Prime Haven nested among Iconic Landmark

Ajwan Tower Saadiyat Island

World Class Amenities right at you Doorstep

Premium Amenities

A Vision of Luxury Unfolded

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Food Outlets

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Swimming Pool

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Wellness Center

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Latest Gym

Airport Taxi

Airport Taxi

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Luxury Hotel

Luxury Intertwines with Cultural Opulence

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