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Pros & Cons of living in Al Ghadeer – Ideal for intercity commute or too secluded

Pros & Cons of living in Al Ghadeer – Ideal for intercity commute or too secluded

Developed by Aldar, a master developer in Abu Dhabi, Al Ghadeer is a swiftly growing community positioned alongside the new Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD). Living in Al Ghadeer is an ideal option for those who work in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as it is located right in the middle of the two emirates.

With upcoming developments taking shape, the area has evolved considerably resulting in an increased demand for properties, particularly for newly constructed apartments. The gross area of the development spreads over 1.3 million sq. m. and consists of mixed-use projects. The Al Ghadeer residential area has a number of properties including maisonettes, villas and townhouses.

The area is primarily focused on providing a sustainable and affordable living. If you are thinking of choosing this emerging location for your home, we’re listing some of the pros and cons of living in Al Ghadeer to help you make a calculated decision.


Al Ghadeer has everything you can think of; a contemporary residential community with schools, hospitals, sustainable architecture and other amenities such as public parks and retail outlets. There is a rising demand for apartments for sale in Al Ghadeer which is an area known to offer good rental yields as well. Let’s evaluate some of the advantages of living in Al Ghadeer.


One of the biggest advantages of living in Al Ghadeer is its prime location. Combining the best of the two cities, Al Ghadeer offers affordable living for many. There are many housing projects in the area suited to different needs. Singletons or newlyweds can find affordable studios or 1-bedroom flats for rent in Al Ghadeer, while families with children can opt for spacious 2-bedroom apartments for rent in the area.


Although the community is a little away from the hustle-bustle of city life, it still offers a plethora of amenities, making the apartments for rent in Al Ghadeer a popular choice for tenants. Therefore, it has now become one of the top areas for renting or buying properties in Abu Dhabi.

There is a vast commercial space dedicated to retail outlets located on the ground floors of Al Waha and Sabil apartment zones. A small supermarket in Al Ghadeer known as Al Ghadeer Baqala is the place where most residents can get their routine everyday groceries.


Investing in Al Ghadeer properties is an ideal choice right now as it has been listed among the top five areas in Abu Dhabi with the highest ROI. Premium studio apartments in Al Ghadeer can be rented for less than AED 40k a year, whereas, the rent of 1 BHK apartment starts from as low as AED 42k.

As far as villas are concerned, you can rent a 3-bedroom villa in Al Ghadeer in the price range between AED 105k and AED 130k. A 2-bed townhouse will cost you around AED 70k per year.

The Al Ghadeer community offers sustainable living as it is one of the most eco-friendly residential communities of Abu Dhabi. The area has five blocks with eco-friendly amenities in abundance. For instance, The Field is a series of small agricultural lands for rent available for people who prefer to grow their own vegetables or other crops.

Another sustainable option is The Market, a retail centre like no other that allows residents to purchase freshly grown organic produce. Similarly, The Shed located in Al Ghadeer is a one-of-a-kind trading hub that offers a large array of farming tools and equipment.

Then there’s The Hub, a food and beverage outlet that offers fresh locally procured food items. Lastly, there is a training centre in the community called, The Studio that focuses on bringing awareness related to sustainability and personal farming. The centre arranges workshops and awareness programs for the students.


Al Ghadeer is all set to be home to the first-ever hyperloop transportation system after a deal was finalized between Aldar and the US-based Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. This transport system is based on a levitating frictionless technology allowing the specially designed pod to reach speeds of over 1,200 km/h. Once the system is complete commute between Dubai and Abu Dhabi will become more convenient and affordable.


As the Expo2020 is just around the corner, the prices of properties in Al Ghadeer is expected to see a hike along with the interest of the investors. As the area is located near the venue of Expo2020, Al Ghadeer will soon become the top choice for many in the real estate market.


Al Ghadeer is one of the top-ranking areas in Abu Dhabi. However, the district does have some demerits, which you should keep in mind before deciding to move into the area.


One of the biggest disadvantages of living in Al Ghadeer is the lack of public transportation. The area is not included on major public bus routes. If you choose to rent or buy a property in Al Ghadeer make sure you have your own car or any source of carpooling.


Due to its secluded location, the area does not have the same vibe such as other parts of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The community is generally quiet and it could feel secluded from the main city at times. For some life in Ghadeer is peaceful and tranquil, while for others it might feel quiet and secluded due to its remote location.


For many, Al Ghadeer’s location might not be the best fit due to its seclusion from downtown Abu Dhabi and other areas. The community is slightly away from the main districts of Abu Dhabi. Hence, if you wish to travel to the other parts of the capital or visit other areas in Dubai, it will take a long drive.


Although, there are few shopping options in the vicinity the community still needs more supermarkets and retail outlets to provide sufficient shopping facilities to the residents. The lack of retail outlets in the area is one of the main challenges of living in Al Ghadeer.

This concludes our list of pros and cons of living in Al Ghadeer. Although there are a few disadvantages of living in the community, It is still counted amongst the most sought-after communities as it offers high return on investments compared to other properties in Abu Dhabi.

If Al Ghadeer is too secluded for you, try other family-friendly locations in Abu Dhabi such as Al Reef. Check the pros and cons of living in Al Reef before making a decision about the locality.

Al Khalidiyah, or Khalidiyah as it is also known, is another popular suburb of Abu Dhabi. If you wish to move into the vibrant neighborhood of Al Khalidiyah, it is essential to consider the pros and cons of Al Khalidiyah to help you make an informed decision about moving into the area.


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